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Thank you for visiting our website, which is the gateway into the heart of Chinese cultural customs, learn chinese in china, study chinese in china and for those who wish to have a greater understanding of an easy way to learn mandarin. It's never too late to start!

learn chinese in china can give you a better way to experience China and Chinese culture, learn chinese in china can also give you a very good chance to know more Chinese friends and make your Chinese language which have already learned into the real life in China. study chinese in china, which have been repeatedly tried, and tested over many years, with outstanding success.

Welcome to learn chinese in china!

We have developed a simple yet comprehensive teaching system. In the spoken language the grammar is no more complicated than English, yet the written language demands further study. However, accomplishing this goal is extremely rewarding because all dialects which use Chinese characters are able to communicate and understand one another. Each Chinese character carries the same descriptive understanding throughout the whole of Asia.
Mandarin Workshop
encourages a
complete immersion
in the study of Mandarin, thereby imparting a unique understanding
of the need for fluency and nature of a subject while building skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is no mean feat - no one would ever doubt your intellectual abilities.
To date we have had outstanding results with our dedicated students, many of whom are able to communicate with the local inhabitants within a
matter of days. This is the advantage of learn chinese in china, study chinese in china and easy Mandarin is the way to go!
Mandarin Workshop is located in Harbin CBD, the environment of this area is comforting and peaceful. This allows our students to study
without stress. We provide excellent textbooks, as used by many of the best Chinese universities, together with worksheets covering a wealth of other topics.
Since Chinese is becoming increasingly important in international commerce, we have made provisions to help you learn or improve
your skill in business Chinese. Our teachers can assist you with this important task.
Mandarin is the most popular language in the world. This is the language of the 21st century.
Essentially we return to basics, as there are a total of 72 ethnic minority languages spoken in China all with differing dialects. Therefore, the Chinese Government in their good judgment decreed that the official language of our country will be known as Mandarin. This is where our Mandarin Workshop excels, because we teach the most perfect expression of tone and phonics according to the rules of pronunciation.
Our teaching style is flexible one to one Mandarin teaching. At the same time you learn Mandarin here, we can provide you with cultural trips and field trips to help you get to know Harbin. We can help you with all levels of HSK test preparation, Weekend courses(If you don't have time from Monday to Friday, you can join our Weekend courses. For details, please contact us.), instruction in Chinese calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, Chinese Martial Arts, and Chinese musical instruments. We can also provide you with a safe, private, clean and quiet room.
Don't hesitate, learn chinese in china and study chinese in china, you will make a breakthrough progress!
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Mandarin and Chinese calligraphy or Chinese brush painting
Mandarin and Chinese Martial Arts (Chinese Taijiquan or Chinese Gongfu)
Mandarin and Chinese musical instruments
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One to one. More specialized. More targeted. More diverse. More intense. Learning for all ages. Excellent teachers with teaching certificates. Start anytime. Private accommodation.(click here for more information)

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Study chinese in china, chinese language school in china, study mandarin, mandarin school in china. One to one. Very good language environment(studying Mandarin Chinese in a city where Mandarin Chinese is spoken on the streets as a better and quicker way to study Mandarin Chinese). More specialized. More targeted. More diverse. More intense. Learning for all ages. Excellent teachers with teaching certificates. Start anytime. Private accommodation.
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